What Matters Most to You?

What matters most to you at St. Anthony?


With 26 funds to support programs, equipment, education, employees and campus growth, you can make sure your gift supports what matters most to you.

Area of Greatest Need-  or "The Heritage Fund," funds provide St. Anthony the flexibility to support programs and services most needed.

Art Therapy Fund- Funds support "Saintly Artisans"-a free healing arts program offered to cancer patients and their family members, to discover "the artist within" and express their feelings through art to enable emotional healing.

Behavioral Medicine- One of the state’s largest behavioral health facilities, St. Anthony’s Behavioral Medicine Center exists to help heal your mind, spirit, and body. Funds support furniture and furnishings for renovation.

Bone and Joint- Funds support the areas of greatest need at Bone and Joint Hosptial at St. Anthony, which provides exceptional orthopedic healthcare.

Bone and Joint Employee Emergency Fund- assists Bone and Joint employees with emergency/disaster needs. 

Campus Development & Beautification- supports a safe and healing environment for our patients.

Cancer Care Fund- meet patient needs at the Frank C. Love Cancer Institure.

Cardiology Care Fund- meet patient needs at the Saints Heart and Vascular Institute.

Emergency Department Fund- supports St. Anthony Emergency Care and Services.

Employee Emergency Fund- assits employees with emergency/disaster needs

Guest Services- funds help patients' families in need, like overnight accomodations.

ICU- supports equipment, technology, renovation, and construction of the Intensive Care Unit.

Joyful Beginnings- funds help meet patient needs in the Joyful Beginnings Childbirth Center.

Landscaping Fund- provides upkeep and maintenance of St. Anthony gardens

Laboratory- provides for continuing education, equipment, or refubishing of any lab department

Nursing Resource Fund- funds help provide resources for Nurses.

Nursing Scholarships Fund- provides scholarships that anually awards nursing scholarships to Hospital employees wanting to advance or begin a new career in the nursing profession.

Pharmacy- funds help support Pharmacy services and facilities.

Rehab- provides for patient needs in the rehab unit.

St. Anthony North- funds support patient needs at our facility at 63rd St. and Broadway.

St. Anthony South- funds support patient needs at our facility at S.W. 134th Street and Tulsa Dr.

Saints Pavilion- Funds provides furniture and furnishings for the new Saints Pavilion, a 125,000 sq ft expansion to the hospital that will include a new emergency room, intensive care unit and step-down nursing unit.

Sisters Fund- provides prescription medication to indiviuals in need.

START- Funds support START, St. Anthony Recovery and Treatment, provides support and treatment for those struggling with drug and alcohol dependence and abuse.

Tree of Life- provides comforts or medicines for cancer patients and their family members.

Wound Care- supports patient needs in the Wound Care unit.